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re: Brake Accumulator and Steering Rack

Michael J. Funk wrote on Tue, 10 Dec 1996

>looks like my "new" '89 200q needs a brake accumulator and 
>steering rack. Apparently, I've heard that these are the "newer" 
>steering racks that cannot be rebuilt.   I've been quoted $415 
>installed for the accumulator and $715 installed for the rack.

Hi Mike,

I have the same problem in my '89 100E. I got quoted $550 for a new 
rack with one year warranty from a local Audi expert in Dallas (not 
the dealer). Not an expert, but I think the rack can be rebuilt, 
just not the same as the earlier 5000 models (supposedly "stronger" 
and will hold up longer prior to leakage). And by the way, Audi in 
Dallas wanted $450 for labor ONLY.

Best.../// P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
'89 100 E
'91 300 ZXTT