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Re: Dead V8Q

>If it were me, and they told me I had a "dead" $3200 computer, I would take
>it to a TV/VCR or computer repair center with tools to diagnose and repair
>the thing

I cannot imagine anyone approaching the repair except on a hobby basis.
Where would they get documentation for it?  Simple things like a schematic
and parts list.  How many custom or semi-custom parts are installed and
where could you get replacement parts.  If a person was blindingly lucky,
the processor would have failed and it would be a standard chip without on
chip program storage.  If the MCU has failed, you best hope is to salvage
one from a wreck or find a technician or engineer willing to tinker around
with it for an indeterminant time.

BTW, my first guess on what's wrong with the car is something with battery
power distribution.  If the MCU is not getting power, it won't output any
codes.  Also, the headlights should come on with the ignition switch in run
position and headlight switch on.  Headlights not working strongly suggests
a bad ignition switch.

Good luck,
Robert Wheeldon
'90 V8Q
Principal Engineer
Boeing Commercial Airplane