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Re: Help with planning a cross country voyage needed.

At 11:20 PM 12/9/96 -0800, Orin Eman wrote:
>> p.s.  As many others will fill you in on the must sees, i'll only add that
>> if you're here the Friday after Christmas, you can join a handful of us at
>> our local watering hole, Hart's Brewery, just south of the Kingdome (future
>> past home of the Seahawks?).  anyone else who hasn't seen the blurb on the
>> local list, email bernie for a headcount:  bstrub@silverlink.net
>Thought that was Thursday (day after Christmas).

oops.  yup, Thursday.  we start about 11am, lunch sometime thereafter, then
maybe a ride in Orin's new A4 1.8t ? :)
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