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RE: buy a 4000?

In a note dated 12/11/96, John Mallick said:
>Ooops...forgot about those $600 mufflers every 3 years...oh well, it is
still reliable...
Guess that is why I went to an independent muffler shop who welded good ol'
American generic muffler and resonator on-and-did my CA smog (which was why I
had to get the muffler done...was sucking air in through the holes in them
and diluting the readings) for under $200.00 total. Oh yeah...I gave up the
stock quiet sound but the car sounds more to my liking now anyway! ;-). Next
time, I'll have them do whole exhaust from the cat back with bigger pipes and
still be cheaper than an OE muffler and resonator! BTW, German Parts &
Restoration has OE 4kq mufflers for I think $375.00...but that was still too
much I thought!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (a little noisier than stock...in a good way)