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Help buying: '93 90q


I have the possibility of buying a '93 90q, 5 speed. It seems in very

good condition, but... I had it checked at a local dealer. 

The results:

 - Compression test: 1-140, 2-135, 3-140,4-165,5-160, 6-165

? Does that seems OK?. The car has 137K km. 

 - Leaks at right and left shaft seals

 - Leaking left valve cover gasket

 - Possibly power steering leaks (oil present, not confirmed)

 - stiff rear caliper, worn front pads and disks

 - struts bearings worn, and misc: lighter not working, trunk lock


(All this for 2900$C, parts+labour)

Also: engine was in need of 2 liters of oil.

I normally do the work on my cars. But there are no shop manual for '93

(from Bentley). I know that most of the gasket/seals have been upgraded

from the environnement friendly original to better ones (transmission,

etc..).Timing belt was replaced in June, along with the clutch. I know

the owner and the car was well maintained at the dealer (different one).

My questions:

	- Should I be concerned with the engine?

	- Can I get some shop manual somewhere or do I have to pay the dealer?

 	- Any pointers to anything else to check?

	- Canadian parts suppliers? (reliable...)

I offered 15K C$. Is that too much?


Yves Bordeleau 		Montreal, Quebec


'84 Scirocco (255K, needs work)

'74 Westfalia (asleep for winter)

'72 911S Targa (awaiting a new front pan, cam timing,...)