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No Subject

>From:	"Aaron Pratt" <aaron_pratt@pleasantco.com>

>Now we have visiting motorists in their Geo Trackers, Troopers,
>and dilapidated old iron doing between 90-100mph.
>Unreasonable and imprudent by any measure.  If you have ever
>seen a Tracker at full-tilt, believe me it's the scariest,

I can only echo these sentiments.  I have spent some time in Montana by car 
and by motorcycle.  In the car (87' Jetta) we ran about 85 and were quite 
happy.  On the bike, I ran a bit faster, of course the Jetta tops out 
around 115 and the bike tops out at 145.  As a percentage of top speed, the 
bike was loafing compared to the car and was significantly more stable. 
 Something designed to be capable of 145 is fairly docile at 120. 
 Something designed to run at a max of 100 (Geo tracker) is a major handful 
at 95.

Of course an Audi would be the best of both worlds. ;-)

My opinions are my own.