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Re: A q's a q....

In a message dated 96-12-11 12:11:49 EST, you write:

<< We run large numbers of older urqs (like the ones shipped to the States,
 but 170bhp stock) against large numbers of TORSEN and 20V TORSEN urqs.
 We _know_ of what we speak.  Oil cooler pipes permitting, John Coughtrie
 and I will chase each other's tails for 120 miles on very twisty A-roads
 tomorrow night - and there's absolutely no doubt that I'll show him a
 very clean pair of heels, despite him probably being a better driver.  I
 don't go in for all this "left foot braking to keep the turbo spinning"
 stuff.  John can make a Mondeo _shift_ - he's quicker still in his
 non-TORSEN urq.  But he ain't as quick as I can be when I want to be!
 This is just as peculiar to me as the "5000tqw" comments.  There ain't
 no way - this is a completely different class of automobile.
Apples to apples, driver and car prep is more applicable than torsen/non
torsen....  I assure you phil, with the track events Eric and I have been to,
even those specific to quattros, we do know of what we speak....  A q is a q,
the track (all road courses btw) is the equalizer...  Eric and myself and a
few others have raced cars, tweek them, and can evaluate merits and tweeks
objectively as well as subjectively....  A sport q, that addressed the torsen
issue, not the techno stuff added to the car, and that car is still a handful
at the limit....  An urq, 20v or 10v is just not the proper use of the torsen
diff, and why audi doesn't race with it...  Is it great for a car that is
prolly driven 7/10ths most of the time, you bet, so is a honda accord...  But
at that last 3/10> it has pitfalls, big time....  Buffums book, hans'
interviews, they both address the problems with that differential.....  A
properly tweeked non torsen will eat a torsen, I haven't seen it any other
way....  Dancing a non torsen is relatively easy, esp in low traction
conditions...  Add HP, the problem is exponential on the torsen, bottom line
is, if you haven't hit it's shortcomings, you haven"t 1) enough ponies 2)
driven it hard enough.....   It is not kind by design at the limit....   IT
IS THERE, on EVERY torsen audi I have driven to date.....  Is it good, yes,
is it the way to go for a tweek mod, prolly not....  I know of one racer here
trying to make it work, but I have my doubts, time will tell...  In the
meantime, come to the states during a q-club event, won't take much to assure
you this isn't just opinion.....  NOS here in the states sells some neat
electric solenoids to control vacuum function.....

A 20vt non torsen ur-q with 4.11 CR5sp, that's the ticket......  Hmmmm, I
wonder who has one of them....
2 X nontorsen 5ktq, 1X coilover setup