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Re: What's the big deal about Torsen?

>> Hmmmmmmm.... I REALLY Hopping that you bring your car over
>> Phil...........  Not really sure that you know of what your typing.....
>Ditto, I'm sure.

Well Let's see Phil, I'm a Skip Barber Racing instructor and a I race in 
IMSA......  I know what I'm talking about.

>Can it be there's a touch of jealousy here, with the USA not getting
>the TORSEN version?

Not at all you can keep your TORSEN.....

>In real terms, the MB TORSEN and the 20V cost almost 60% more than the
>original urq.  There's a reason for this - a lot of technology.  Not
>just vastly improved engine controls, accelerometer ABS, TORSEN, etc.,
>but a whole mess of tiny details.
>We run large numbers of older urqs (like the ones shipped to the States,
>but 170bhp stock) against large numbers of TORSEN and 20V TORSEN urqs.
>We _know_ of what we speak.  Oil cooler pipes permitting, John Coughtrie
>and I will chase each other's tails for 120 miles on very twisty A-roads
>tomorrow night - and there's absolutely no doubt that I'll show him a
>very clean pair of heels, despite him probably being a better driver.  I
>don't go in for all this "left foot braking to keep the turbo spinning"
>stuff.  John can make a Mondeo _shift_ - he's quicker still in his
>non-TORSEN urq.  But he ain't as quick as I can be when I want to be!

You just proved your lack of Knowledge with the Left foot braking comment.

>This is just as peculiar to me as the "5000tqw" comments.  There ain't
>no way - this is a completely different class of automobile.

Bring your car over and I promise that there are more than a few folks on 
5KTQ's that will BLOW YOU AWAY.........


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO