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Who Dunnit?

I am spending my lunch hours this week *finally* scanning in the pix 
sent to me by the Quattro and Datsun Z-car groups; all photos are 
headed to Ireland for the automotive history CD next.

Frankly, the Z-car group kicked our cyper-butts!!  I got *two* photo 
submissions from this group.  One from Dave Head, the other from an 
unnamed party in Mason City, IA who sent pix of some cars I can't 
identify.  Big, hairy deal.

1)  IF you have some decent front & side photos of your car that 
you'd like to get in this auto history CD, send them NOW!!  I will 
post these to Ireland NEXT Friday, 12/20.

Al Powell
4101 Green Valley Drive
Bryan, TX  77802

2)  Whoever's in Mason City and owns the 4KCS and sent me the photos, 
please email me so I can ID the pix.

ALSO: I have re-vamped my car pages, creating a home page with links 
to Datsun, Audi, Chevy truck and my project car pages.  I AM adding 
scans of the photos sent to me to those pages, AND I will email the 
scans BACK to each person who sent the pix...if you identified 
yourself in the mailings.  If I don't have your email address, just 
check my pages and download them yourself.

Scans will be added each day this week.  Right now, Dave Head's pix 
(and one of Mitch Loescher's car) are the only ones linked.

To get there, start with my home page and take the link to my car 
hobby page.


Al Powell, Ph.D.                 Voice:  409/845-2807
107 Reed McDonald Bldg.          Fax:    409/862-1202
College Station, TX 77843      

"Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the
sun...but I have never been able to see the numbers."
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