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Help! Heater blower die suddently

Hi Audi Fans,

Finally, my '87 5kcst's one-semester-long-trouble-free record was over 
yesterday.  Last night, coincidentally, while I was talking to my friend 
about my car climate control, the blower die out all the studdent and the 
windows just fogged up instantly; man, the blower motor is only 2 years 
old. So, what should I do Audi fans?? 

I fisrt thought is the blower motor went south again, but later on I found 
out that there was no power feed to the motor (actually it had 0.9v), 
beside, this morning the blower went on and off couple of time 
intermittently, so I know there must be something wrong with other 
components.  Where should I start look at? Could anyone be kind to give me 
some adivces or suggestions??

Thank you 
	Very Much

'87 5kcst