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RE: Testimony of 4k's

In a note dated 12/10/96, WILLIE FONG asks:
<snip>How long will the 5spd manual trans hold up? I've had my 85 4ksq for
about 10 >months now, 2nd owner, w/150k miles, with thoughts of rebuilding
the engine at >about 200K.<snip>
Does anybody know? Far as can tell and have heard these things are damm hard
to break or wear out. I know of one 84 4ksq here in town that had its first
clutch replaced at 200k miles...motor and trans still just fine. I'm guessing
there are many listers out there who have gotten far more than 200k miles
from 4kq's and GT's without rebuilds. Mine is at 155k and is still like new
(and I have owned a new one way back when to base that against) and if I ever
have motor problems while I own it I will strongly considor a turbo motor
transplant at that time-not holding my breath though.

Bottom line-if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it!!! You'll have enough other
things to look after to keep your maintenance budget from being un-used! ;)

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq