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Martin Slotterback wrote:
> Hey,
>     I have four Steel wheels for sale. They are 15" AUDI 5k type. Well
> type is not the word I want, They are from AUDI. Purchased from the
> dealer. PLUS I have the turbo hub caps to go with them,{also real AUDI}
> YES the turbo style. The wheels themselves are three years old. They
> were bought by the previous owner before the BLIZZARD of 93' for the
> wife. One month of use there -March-. I used the wheels for two more
> winters-94-95 and now I have too many wheels and they must go! There are
> not dents to my knowledge but I will look again to be sure. So I suspect
> that the are 10 months of use on the wheels total. Average mileage.
>   Price for {4} four steel wheels and hub caps:   200.00us
>   Specs  : 6jx15 - 112 bolt dia. - 45mm offset - steel
>   Marty S.