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Radar Detectors

Stephen Jenkins wrote:
>	STOP!  Don't buy a whistler radar detector!  I have tried several
>ie:whistler, bel, cobra, k40, yatta, yatta, yatta......(in recent years
>some Cobra models are actually made by CM for them)
>	In my humble opinion(yeh right, humble hah!)  the products from
>Cinncinnati Microwave are absolutely the best equipment on the market
>today.  Escort, Passport, & Solo incorperate cutting edge technollogy
>into reasonabley priced radar detectors that will be here years from
>now.  You can mail order directly from CM or on occasion find factory
>refurbs available from DaMark at about 30-50% savings from new.....

I have the referb. SOLO 4 (Purchased from Damark www.damark.com) and love it.
I also have heard great things about Bel so either is a good choice.

Robert Bauer
'88 80q
Minneapolis, MN 

It's been awhile but I'm back...and yes I do have an interest in Damark
they are my employer.