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Re: ~ long fogging and AC (was: Re: 1st Snow in My A4 (1/2 long))

On Dec 11,  5:18pm, marriott@Summa4.COM wrote:

> _That's_ prime-time for the compressor. The windsheild must also
> be _clean_ (if you  haven't cleaned it in the past, oh, two weeks,
> it's not _clean_).

That's a really good point.  Kinda silly to be arguing about
methods when you've got millions of condensation seeds on your

> > Really, this can be argued academically in all kinds of ways.
> I'm not trying to be academic, I'm just trying to give some
> background information so  someone can arrive at a solution.

I know... I didn't mean "academic" in any negative sense; perhaps
I should've said "theoretical".

> > But Jim,
> James, please.

Ooops - sorry!!!

> I wonder if your (ie, A4 folks) temperature cutout is higher than
> others?

Good question... I somehow assumed that it was controlled by
the climate control module and depended on it's outside
temp sensor.  Not sure why I came to that conclusion, though.

> If I get a chance, I'll check the data tables tonight. I know
> R-134 isn't as good as R-12, but I can't remember in what ways.
> Maybe the system _can't_ function at a lower
> temperature. The A4 does have R-134, right?

Yep.  And that's a really good point... probably *is* because
of the different refrigerant.