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Re: when to turn off ABS

     Igor wrote:

     >the next thing I learn from my insurance renewal is that ABS discount
     >has been taken away 'coz ABS failed to reduce the amount of
     >collisions/claims/injuries. No sh*t, for crying out loud!

     If you review that insurance company sponsored report supposedly done
     by "research professionals" you will note the following facts not
     reported to the media so that us dumb people won't argue when our
     rates go up again:

     The report looked at only GM cars with and without ABS involved in
     "accidents".  This includes all types like rear end, frontal, side
     impact, rollover etc..  Here's where you have to pay attention...

     Example:  Car A is an ABS equipped car involved in an accident like
     being T-boned at a light by car B who ran a red. The study counted
     this incident and stated that the ABS in car A was not effective at
     preventing this accident!!!  Now, even if you are not a rocket
     scientist, you can see that whether or not car A had ABS had
     absolutely NO EFFECT on the outcome (assuming A did not skid into the
     intersection and that's not the example I'm illustrating anyhow).
     However, this counts as a bad mark against ABS.

     Example 2: Car A is waiting at a light when car B slams into the rear
     end of A.  Well, don't you know, the ABS of car A failed to prevent
     the accident.  Strike 2 for ABS.

     I hope your getting the point.  There were many of these so called
     incidents included in the report which obviouly skews the data to the
     insurance companie's favor. This was another insurance company funded
     study that only fuels their interest of sucking more money out of our
     already insurance cost overburdened pockets. This would explain your
     Phantom ABS discount.

     I work for a Big Three automaker as a Vehicle Dynamics Engineer and
     have spent a lot of time testing vehicles with and without ABS.  My
     conclusion is this: most people will benefit from the advantages
     offered by ABS in terms of vehicle controllability in a panic/low
     coeficient situation.  As mentioned by someone else, it does not take
     the place of a skilled driver.  Instead, it can enhance a mediocre

     We can all think of situations where the system might hinder
     performance and not perform the task in an optimal fashion.
     Understand that most drivers are NOT skilled and that OEMs Must design
     for the "worst case" condition.  If I was a passenger with my mother-
     in-law and she hit a patch of ice under braking, I would feel a lot
     safer if I knew the ABS would keep her pointed straight and on the
     road alowing her to "steer" the car.  Think about it...

     I can only say that all of you with ABS cars should spend some time
     driving in the conditions you often experience (in a safe environment
     like an empty parking lot or deserted dirt road, etc) with ABS and
     without.  Do your own "study" and determine whether your driving
     benefits or suffers from its characteristics.  At least you can then
     make an educated choice based on YOUR experience when conditions
     present themselves.

     Happy Motoring!!

     Brian Vinson
     86 5KCSTQ