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A little stupidity and some bad luck goes a long way.  I came off the highway
onto an exit ramp a little too fast for the conditions.  Slid off the road and
into the woods.  Rolled the car and hit at least one tree.  Car is a complete
loss but I walked away - face cut up pretty bad and some sore ribs but otherwise
THe reason for the post is for some advice handling the insurance
company/adjuster.  I was at fault and there was noone else involved.  It should
be a simple case of the car being totalled and I getting a check.  I obviously
want to maximize the ckeck and was looking for advice.  The car was an 87 with
200,900miles on it.  VERY good condition all around.  The only "upgrades" to the
car is the Eric Fletcher suspension which has only 2000 miles on it.  
Also, if I can buy the car for salvage value is it worth while.  Whats the going
rate?  Is there interest here for anything - the front of the car is OK
mechaniclly, including the dash. All the exterior is bent up but the engine
compartment seems ok.  I'm going to have pictures taken of the wreck - Noone who
has seen it could belive it was survivable.  The car saved me from my own
stupidity and since I'm alive I can't qualify for the darwin award.

Thanks for your input and please reply to me directly.
Randy Paquette