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TORSEN's in racing?

In message <961211195429_75363.2524_EHI91-2@CompuServe.COM> Joe Yakubik writes:

> Either Eric F. or Scott (PDQSHIP) wrote that TORSEN's weren't used in racing.

> What did the A4Q's in the DTM and the BTCC use?  
> Phil, you were in the car, did you ask?

Whoever it was who said it, they were right.  There is _NO_ centre 
differential at all in the BTCC car.  They wouldn't show me the differentials 
from the front and rear axles, saying it would give their secret away.
I don't think the actually need a centre differentail in touring car racing.  
Roughly 50% of the total suspension travel (7mm or so of 15mm) is provided by 
the tyres - with 7mm or so of spring travel, they lift their wheels fairly 
frequently and that allows the transmission to unwind.  One reason Audi won the 
championships is that they finished every race, almost all of them with both 
cars.  A TORSEN adds weight and parts count, and is probably of little 
advantage on a well-surfaced and highly predictable track surface.  

> I've got the '91 200qw  w/ TORSEN and have experienced primarily understeer.
> Never too intrusive, easy enough to control, both with power on and off, varying
> road surfaces and conditions.  I wouldn't exactly call the wagon balanced
> though....

No, the MB ur-quattro is the same.  Pretty good, but definitely front-heavy at 
the limit.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club