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Re: Brake Accumulator and Steering Rack

Michael J. Funk wrote:
> Hey all...
> looks like my "new" '89 200q needs a brake accumulator and steering rack.
> Apparently, I've heard that these are the "newer" steering racks that cannot
> be rebuilt.   I've been quoted $415 installed for the accumulator and $715
> installed for the rack.  I'm not capable of doing anything like this myself
> - but I'm curious to know if there are any suggestions of getting the parts
> cheaper or a better solution altogether.  If anyone has any thoughts I'd
> much appreciate it!
> Thanks.
> mike
> Michael Funk
> Mercury Mail, Inc.
> 303-675-2309
> http://www.merc.comMike:

Blaufergnugen 1-800-683 2834 advertises:
Brake Pressure accumulator $ 269.-
Rack/Pinion remanuf. $ 269.- 

Give them a try
Good luck