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Response from Audi website

Just to introduce an element of hope into your thread of "nobody home at
Audi website..." There is someone there, and her name is Karen. The answer
came about 3 weeks from from the sending date.

I told them of an error in both the address and map location of my local
dealer, and they said "Thank you...."

The entire text of this historic piece of evidence is included, to whet your
appetite for getting some action over there. Keep banging away at them. And
give the corporate giant adequate time to grind through its reply process.

86 4KcsQ

>To: Doyt
>From: auditalk@ahu003.abh.vw.com
>Date: 9 Dec 96 15:01:58 -0500
>Subject: Website/ dealers

>At 08:27 PM 11/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>From: audi.robot@www.audi.com
>email=Doyt@poboxes.com                                            comments=
>Your Dealer info map for Sandusky Motors is inaccurate. The dealership is at
>least two miles from the spot y
>>our locator indicates. The error is probably due to the address being a
>P.O. box number rather than a street address. The P.O. box number probably
>located the dealership in the U.S. Post Office. Perhaps you would like to
>check the same dealer on the VW home page dealer locator map.

>Dear Doyt,
>Thank you for visiting the Audi Web Site. We appreciate you,taking the time
>to inform us of potential errors in our site.
>We will research the problem and make the necessary corrections as soon as
>Thanks again for stopping by. We enjoy hearing from our visitors.