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>A little stupidity and some bad luck goes a long way.  I came off the highway
>onto an exit ramp a little too fast for the conditions.  Slid off the road and
>into the woods.  Rolled the car and hit at least one tree.  Car is a complete
>loss but I walked away - face cut up pretty bad and some sore ribs but

Sorry to hear about this but glad that you weren't injured <insert trite
cliche about cars being replaceable, etc. here>...  :^(

>>Also, if I can buy the car for salvage value is it worth while.  Whats the

If you're going to replace it with another one and have room to store it, go
for it ... around here, insurance companies usually want to 20% of whatever
they pay you for it.  BTW, when I was dealing with Allstate earlier this
year, I made a point to explain what sort of resource the Quattro List was
(as well as my QCUSA membership ... grrrr) and how this gave me access to a
much larger market of people willing to pay top dollar for my car and not
just the "wholesale" prices that often pass for retail around here (Phoenix
is a nice place to buy an Audi -- alas, Quattros aren't exactly thick on the
ground here -- but not a very good place to sell them!).

> I'm going to have pictures taken of the wreck - Noone who has seen it
could belive it was survivable.

Send me copies and I'll post them to the Audi Memorial I'm building for my
web site...

> I can't qualify for the darwin award.

Honorary mention?  ;^)

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