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Re: Speed traps and Radar

Yeah, yeah, I know this is over 2 months old now...  I've finally put up
a gateway to send the quattro list into INN so I can read it a bit more
efficiently (7K articles).

In article <19961017222831662.AAA177@randolph2e1-30.megsinet.net> you write:
>At 04:19 PM 10/16/96 -0700, you wrote:
>My dad has one one his Benz mounted great.  Under the key there is a small
>indented space to store things like change and tooth picks. He stuck it to

I've been thinking of getting a V1 when we get our A4.  Right now, we have
our Sony 10disc CD-changer's "head unit" in the ash-tray.  it gets covered
up nicely most of the time so we don't have to worry about it.  I'd likely
do the same with a V1.

>>I think the idea behind hiding a radar detector is that it might "taunt"
>>some cops who think they should be illegal. I worry more that if I am
>>pulled over, they will laugh their ass off because the detector didn't

There is this book written by a retired highway patrollman that I read
a while back.  He said that in his interviewing he did for the book
(noone knew he was writing a book at that time, so it was just BSing
around the water cooler), the one unanimous thing he found was that if
you were stopped for speeding, and you had a detector, you were getting
a ticket.  No way out of it...

How do they know if you have one?  Well, do you have it stuck to your
windshield?  Is it's cord hanging down in plain view?  When they hit you
with radar, do your brake lights go on?  Remember, if they're going the
other way, they can often see the reflection of the lights of signs or
cars behind you.  Oh, and they also notice those suction-cup marks on
the windsheild.

I haven't gotten a ticket in 3 or more years now...  I also haven't used
my detector much either in that time.  The last ticket I got was because
I wasn't paying attention (I was trying to figure out if the burning smell
that has just started was coming from MY car), and I got hit by instant-on
radar.  I was in this rather large pack of cars, and I instinctively hit
my brakes.  I was going the same speed as everyone else, but I think he
singled me out because I was driving a sports-car and hit my brakes.  I
doubt he saw my detector.

I haven't used the detector in over 2 years.  Partly because of reading
that, partly because of the higher limit.

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