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Re: Response from Audi website

About 1 months ago I sent a complaint via the audi US homepage regarding
not being able to find out an expected delivery date on the A4Q I ordered
in July.  I received a reply within an an hour.  The reply, however, only
asked what my dealer's name was.  

When I sent back a reply with the dealer name, vehicle prod. #, and full
background info I never received a reply back from them.  However, a week
later the dealer called me (which never happens) to tell me the car had
finally begun the shipment process.

I don't know if this was a coincidence or if they do follow up in the
background and just don't communicate well with their customers.

Chris Loker
Roanoke, Virginia

> From: Doyt W. Echelberger <Doyt@poboxes.com>
> To: Quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Response from Audi website
> Date: Thursday, December 12, 1996 10:00 AM
> Just to introduce an element of hope into your thread of "nobody home at
> Audi website..." There is someone there, and her name is Karen. The
> came about 3 weeks from from the sending date.