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Re: O2 sensors

weld-in o2 sensor fitting: p# 764-60406 $7.69  @ JEG'S 1-800-345-4545


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> -- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> >Next one, get a 18X125 nut and put it down by the cat
> While we are on the subject of O2 sensors, I need to install one somewhere
> creative.   I have a 4kq manifold/downpipe in my coupe, and that eliminates
> the manifold based O2 sensor originally in it.  I'm going to cobble together
> a system out of the parts in my old 5kt (it's all the same ID as the 4kq
> downpipe).  So I need to add an 18x1.25 set of threads in the pipe ahead of
> the cat or in the cat.  
> Anyone got any old busted bits of header or cat with those threads that I
> could cut out and weld over a hole?????  Please?
> Second, for the experts, I guess I'll have to use a heated sensor, which one
> should I use?  Long life sounds nice, low cost wouldn't hurt.  Audi model
> OEM or Bosch P/N would be enough.  Thanks!
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