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FS: 1990 V8Q (N Central IA)

Hey Gang!

I thought this might be of some interest if anyone is looking for a
VERY NICE V8 Quattro.

To start, this IS the V8 Quattro that was posted as being 'dead' a
few days ago.  As it turns out, it was nothing serious at all... I
think my friend said is cost a whopping $25 bucks to fix.  It runs
PERFECTLY once again.

So here are the details...

1990 V8 Quattro
Grey leather (sport seats... have vertical leather strips on them)
105,000 miles

Recent service:  New plugs, blower motor & flap, oil change (Mobil
1 I believe), and 100,000 mile service.

The car is offered at $13,900  (probably worth it in my opinion...
I've seen this car many times, and I will tell you that you'd be
hard pressed to find a nicer V8Q.)  The owner has decided that he
will try to sell it and get into a less expensive Quattro.  The car
has always been dealer maintained by Carousel in Minneapolis! 

Car is located in Clear Lake, Iowa  (2 hrs south of Minneapolis,
MN - 2 hrs North of Des Moines, Iowa)

Interested parties can contact Erik Lindgren at 515-357-6847

I can also answer a few questions since I know the car very well. 
(You can also ask Ed Kellock or Rusty Schlacke about the condition
of this car... they have also seen it).

That's it for now!  :)



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