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Hello out there :-)

Hi Everybody,

I haven't posted in awhile but I'm need of some advice :-)

The 'ole V8 has a bad case of the floats, so it's time for new
struts.  The OEM struts are ludicrously expensive but the Boge
Turbo Gas are somewhat reasonable.   

Anybody out there put new struts on their V8 ?  if yes, can you 
tell me what kind and if you they were stiffer ? the same ? softer ?

I'd really appreciate any and all help on this one :-)

Thanks a lot everybody and hope you are all having Good Holidays!!


Mike LaRosa
90 V8 (float machine...) with 67k
89 100 Wagon with 110k and still cruising nicely :-)

Mike LaRosa		INCASES Engineering N.A.
Manager,			20 Trafalgar Square
EDA Technical Support	Suite 403
603-881-5392		Nashua, NH
603-881-5467 Fax		03063
E-Mail:  76761.1444@compuserve.com