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re: Brake Accumulator and Steering Rack

At 10:16 AM 12/11/96 CDT, you wrote:

>I have the same problem in my '89 100E. I got quoted $550 for a new 
>rack with one year warranty from a local Audi expert in Dallas (not 
>the dealer). Not an expert, but I think the rack can be rebuilt, 
>just not the same as the earlier 5000 models (supposedly "stronger" 
>and will hold up longer prior to leakage). And by the way, Audi in 
>Dallas wanted $450 for labor ONLY.

If ya can turn a wrench and argue with a long object without getting angry,
itsa bout a 3.5 hour job max to swap out. I've tried the rebuild kit route
twice - seals blew in 1 week 1st time, 6 weeks second time.

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