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Re: TORSEN's in racing?

In a message dated 96-12-12 02:45:37 EST, you write:

<< Either Eric F. or Scott (PDQSHIP) wrote that TORSEN's weren't used in
 What did the A4Q's in the DTM and the BTCC use?  
 Phil, you were in the car, did you ask?  Thompson (are you out there?)
 got the photo montage breakdown, does it say what kind of diff in the text?
 Anyone else with a spec sheet, or does it just say "quattro system"?
The Racing A4q's use a pot to control bias, I posted this about 7-8mos ago,
and predicted that BMW would have none of that, and surenuff...  Before that,
all racing q's were one-set, track specific, usually between 60/40 and 67/33
rear bias.  That above statement should read torsen CENTERS are not used in
racing...   LOTS of torsens in racing...