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Re: big deal about

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Wherever and whenever the rubber hits the road (or dirt) on this one I have
got to be there!  Is anyone putting together a pool, side bets, etc.?  
These two are going to keep at this until next summer to keep the tension up
?  I hope so!

>>> Hmmmmmmm.... I REALLY Hopping that you bring your car over
>>> Phil...........  Not really sure that you know of what your typing.....
>>Ditto, I'm sure.
> Phil, .  I know what I'm talking about.
>>Can it be there's a touch of jealousy here,
>Not at all 
>>him probably being a better driver.   But he ain't as quick as I can be
when I want to be!
>You just proved your lack of Knowledge with the Left foot braking comment.
>>This is just as peculiar to me as the "5000tqw" comments.
>Bring your car over and I promise that there are   5KTQ's that will BLOW
YOU AWAY.........

OK Eric he did say 5000tqW not 5KTQ right?
Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers