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FS: 90 90q20v -- Anyone?

Well, we've made a deal on a '97 A4.  So, it seems that we'll be needing
to get rid of our '90 90q20v.  You know the red one that has a billion
pictures of it on "http://www.tummy.com/jafo/Cars/"...

Anyway, it's got grey leather (a bit worn on the drivers seat thigh-support)
a new set of tires (less than 10K on them), recently had 90K maintainance
(96K) and had full 60K at 67K including timing belt, water pump, timing
belt idler, cam cover gasket, O2 sensor, etc...  Also will come with the
full set of shop manuals (Bentley, shop and electrical), and possibly a
Sony 10-disc changer.  We've only run Mobil 1 Synthetic oil in it, and
it has RedLine in the trannies.

It *DOES* have it's problems though.  It has that flat-spot in the
acceleration that I had posted about previously.  It *SHOULD* be
fixable, but the local dealership doesn't inspire our confidence,
so we're living with it -- well, we *WERE* living with it.  Other
problems: occasional "burning oil" smell -- probably the filler-cap
leaking a bit sometimes down onto the header -- another dealer was
going to check on it but we moved near this bad dealer.  Various
lamps out -- interior front light, backlights for radio and clock,
and a couple of the power-window indicators don't illuminate.

Mechanically, the car is in fine shape -- there's no worries about it
stranding us, that's for sure.  I find the flat spot annoying, but my
wife doesn't notice it (figures :-).  The car has been well maintained,
in the year and a half we've had it, we've put nearly $2K of work into
it including the 60K (that was nearly a grand because of the extra work
we had done on it like water pump -- wasn't leaking but if it did would
cost $450 instead of $150 because you have to remove the timing belt).

Price:  It varies by region.  We're from Colorado, but are currently
contracting in Omaha.  Colorado "good" retail for this car is $11930,
while Nebraska "good" is $10830 (that doesn't count the $500 Sony
changer).  $10K would provide you plenty of money to have the shop
work on the problems above, in CO or NE.

Where?  Well, we're going to be going to Chicago to get our new
car, probably in 2 to 3 weeks.  We'll also be in Omaha and
Colorado within the next few weeks, so we could deliver it
to a few places.  If you wanted to fly out and purchased the car,
we could probably work out a deal picking up part of the airfare...

Let me know...  e-mail or phone at (402)344-4426.  The plan is to get
it detailed in the next week and put it in the local paper the following
week.  I'd like to keep it in the Quattro-list family though.  :-)
There *WAS* some interest from the list the LAST time we almost bought
an A4, but the dealer ended up screwing up the deal.  This one's

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