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Muffler replacement (was RE: buy a 4000?)


I mentioned this in my previous reponse to this thread, but I repeat it since
it was buried in my response.  I believe the most cost-effective way to go
for folks like me who keep their cars a long time is to use that fabulous 
Midas lifetime muffler guarantee.  I replaced my entire 4000S muffler system
(two resonators, one front pipe) with a Midas system.  You never have to pay
for another muffler again.  They don't last as long as the original system,
but who cares.  You just drive it in, show them your Midas warrantee slips
and drive out without spending a dime.  I've done that five times since I
installed my Midas system and they've never complained.  A couple of those
times, only one muffler was replaced.  Think about how much money I've saved!

If you missed my last post, the reason I've had a few exhaust systems is 
because my '84 4000S has 460,000 miles on it.  Even if you only do this
twice, you save a boatload of money.

The Midas system is designed to fit the Audi so you don't have to jerry-rig
or custom bend a generic muffler. 

Only the mufflers are guaranteed so you have to pay for hangers and any
pipes replaced.  Even so, the mufflers are 80-90% of the cost of an exhaust
system, catalytic converters excepted of course.

Ed Skladany
'84 4000S

> From: MSV96@aol.com
> Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 17:52:55 -0500
> Subject: RE: buy a 4000?
> In a note dated 12/11/96, John Mallick said:
> >Ooops...forgot about those $600 mufflers every 3 years...oh well, it is
> still reliable...
> Guess that is why I went to an independent muffler shop who welded good ol'
> American generic muffler and resonator on-and-did my CA smog (which was why I
> had to get the muffler done...was sucking air in through the holes in them
> and diluting the readings) for under $200.00 total. Oh yeah...I gave up the
> stock quiet sound but the car sounds more to my liking now anyway! ;-). Next
> time, I'll have them do whole exhaust from the cat back with bigger pipes and
> still be cheaper than an OE muffler and resonator! BTW, German Parts &
> Restoration has OE 4kq mufflers for I think $375.00...but that was still too
> much I thought!
> Mike Veglia
> 85 4ksq (a little noisier than stock...in a good way)