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Re: '86 4000 Q Driveshaft

Actually I don't have it, but the lore on the Net is if you take the old one 
out and to your favorite Bearing Supply Store, they can match it, by 
measuring the old joint.
I haven't had to replace one of those yet.
Maybe someone on the Quattro net has the number!
How About it?

John T.
From: ScottyCBoy
To: tilden
Subject: Re: '86 4000 Q Driveshaft
Date: Thursday, December 12, 1996 8:57PM


     Don't know if I've replied to this E-mail or not.  The outer CV's on 
prop shaft are the same diameter as a 944 Porsche, I'm using the boots from 
944. Not sure if the spiles are the same.  You might try a inner 100mm joint
off of a late model volkswagen A little birdie told me they were the ones 
are looking for.  BTW you mentioned that you have a part Number for the
center joint, could I have it my car is in dire need of the center joint.