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Help-Looking for Audi 90 rear spoiler

OK, it's time to spruce up the looks of my 90, and i would love to put a rear
wing spoiler off of a 90 Quattro on it.  Next, I'm going to have my old
speedlines repainted and put on the 90, it will eventually look like a fake
90Q20V (please don't get offended 90Q20V owners!).
1.-will the 1993-95 90 Quattro Sport's spoiler fit the 1988-1992 90?

2.-does anyone know of a boneyard with a 90Q with spoiler intact? (and
willing to help me out?)
3.-any other places I should look at?

Darin Nederoff already recommended someone who has a spoiler, but he wanted
$400 (ouch!). So, i would be more interested in a used one that costs below

Thanks for all your help!!

                    /\        _I                     Christian J. Long
                  /    \ I_I I_I I                   Orlando, Florida, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro   Red/Black, K&N cone, BBS wheels, 80K          
1990 90                    Gold/Tan, 70K, LOOKING FOR REAR WING SPOILER
Past Audis:
'80 5KT  '84 Coupe GT  '85 Coupe GT  '875KCST(Dad's)  '87 Coupe GT2.3
                    University of Central Florida Class of 1994