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Re: '86 4000 Q Driveshaft

Todd Candey  writes:
     "Also, can you tell me a little more about the 84 4kq?
     I'm looking for a rough one..."

"84 4000 Q White, 140,000 miles +-, Interior obviously Brown!
New Parts Include, at About 120,000 mi.,
Radiator, All Hoses and Belts, Exhaust System, Control Arm Bushings,New Disk 
Rotors, Pads, Rebuilt Calipers, Brake Hoses, Tires, Many other miscellaneous 
parts which I don't recall at the moment! New Sun Roof Cables,New 
Windsheild, newThermostat, Heater control valve, ...New Left Front Seat 
Cushion, New Boston 4" front Speakers, CV. Boots,...Rear Tie Rod Assy...New 
Power Antenna....Headlites,...  Over $3000 in Parts alone!

Body is Solid!, no Rust!, It has dings all over it, Previous owner was Prof. 
Skier,and Bicycle Racer, so he dropped all kinds of his toys on the Roof, 
Trunk etc. Minor Right Front Fender damage. Engine is Tight, good Compresion 
and leak down test.
Transmission and Differentials Lube changed, and quiet.
Interior is very clean, no rips, etc. Drives real well. Air Conditioning 
Removed, have Parts if desired. Stock Radio.

Needs Only Struts!  May need rear wheel bearings, Asking Price $3800- or 
make me an offer. Selling because of recent purchase of '86 4000 Q.

Car located in Seattle Wa.

John Tilden