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Pikes Peak or Bust 1997....Need Help

Hi all,

Phil Payne and I were discussing bringing 4 Quattros to the
US next year over a pint of beer.  The aim is to go to the
Pikes Peak event on 4 July.  The cars concerned are a WR,
MB, RR and a Sport Quattro.  The outline plan is to ship the
cars to the US east coast and drive to Pikes Peak.

We have now concluded that it is a practical proposition, but
the costs involved are probably beyond what we would want
to spend as individuals.  Therefore we have to look for some
form of sponsorship.  In order to seek sponsorship we need
some idea of routes and events along the way.  Given our
complete lack of knowledge of the geography of the US, we
are looking for ideas as to routes to take which will allow us
to meet as many of you as possible without being too far off
track.  In addition, we would be interested in offers to join us
on the pilgrimage and any media contacts who would be
interested in covering such an enterprise.

Any ideas, suggestions or offers of help would be most
welcome, preferably to my personal email address rather than
swamping the list!


Nigel Banks
Tel: (+44) 1628 771772
Fax: (+44) 1628 771779