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Re: What's the big deal about Torsen?

Hi All,

The discussion about TORSEN vs fixed torque centre diffs has been very
interesting, but highlights the subjective nature of trying to evaluate a car's
handling characteristics.

FWIW, I have driven both a WR (non-TORSEN) and an RR (20V, TORSEN)
around Castle Combe race track.  For the record, I was lapping the RR at
1:18 and the WR at 1:22.  I will admit that the WR was not my car and was
not pushed as hard as the RR which would account for some of the
difference in lap times.  This was in 1995.

However, in exploring the handling I came to the conclusion that the WR
had to be but through the corner under power and no excuses; lifting off
resulted in the car feeling very close to the point where it would swap
ends and the car would not turn in under braking.  The RR could turn in
under braking with a little understeer, apply power and the car returns to
neutral(ish) handling.  These results were _NOT_ what I expected with a
TORSEN diff; I actually expected this to promote a four wheel slide.

I actually changed the suspension setup on my RR for the same event in
1996 to promote slightly more oversteer but still within Audi tolerances and
was lapping at 1:15 in the wet!  Conclusion, quattros are very sensitive to
small changes in suspension setup!.


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