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Re: A4 Lights

In article <282839a0@mailgw.sanders.lockheed.com> you write:
>From: Ed Slaughter <edslau@europa.com>
><I couldn't help but notice that the blue high beam indicator lamp on 
><the dash is in fact brighter than the high beams.
>Hear Hear!  True also of my 1988 90q.

Oh man, I had hoped they fixed this since the '90 90q20v.  I consider
this a design flaw.  By definition, you are high-beams in low-light
situations.  Who's the rocket scientist that decided to make the damn
thing SO BRIGHT?

>I'm considering a reflective scheme to redirect the indicator lamp 
>toward the highway.

My fix?  Get a pad of the small post-it notes and leave them in the
car.  When you drive at night and need the high-beams -- stick the
post-it note on the instrument panel right where the indicator is.

If I ever took apart the cluster, I'd consider putting some window
tinting over the indicator.

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