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TORSEN's in racing?

In message <01ICXRK92JUU8ZE2H6@delphi.com> audidudi@delphi.com (Jeffrey J. Goggin) writes:

> >Whoever it was who said it, they were right.  There is _NO_ centre 
> >differential at all in the BTCC car.  They wouldn't show me the differentials 
> >from the front and rear axles, saying it would give their secret away.
> Hmmm ... I just did some digging and found that Frank Biela was quoted in
> RaceTech (Vol.2, Issue 1; p. 27) as saying "Normally we have 'standard'
> settings for our three Viscous Coupling differentials."

Can't help that.  Nigel Walker of Audi Sport UK took around twenty of us round 
the workshop.  Biela's car was built and ready to roll, and they were just re-
installing the drive train on Bintcliffe's car.  The lack of a centre 
differential was the topic of the day, and I reported on it to the list when I 
got home.  We were, if you remember, speculating on how they managed.  Various 
drive train components were passed round, including a carbon fibre prop shaft.  
The diffs were _not_ available for inspection - we could see them quite clearly 
over on a "clean bench" about ten yards away.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club