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80 rather tyred :-)

Hi all,

Just a quick note to tell you that I got four new tyres for my Audi
yesterday. As it's below 0 celsius here, and raining, this couldn't come at
a better time.
Also, our local fastfitter had a 25% discount this week only, -just the
kind of deal for poor impoverished me.

The car was fitted with Pirelli P6s (175/70) when I bought it. Fronts were
bald, so I bought the car on the understanding that new front tyres would
be fitted.
P6 were out of production, so they put on P2000. Those held out for 30k
miles (not bad for someone who likes to drift over off-ramps for fun). I
loved those tyres, very good in the rain, excellent in the dry, good
roadholding and low noise. As these were down to their last 2mm, I'd put
them in the rear (yes, I know, unscientific but I prefer it that way) and
the P6s with 5mm left, on the front. Cornering was greatly improved, and
the same went for braking. I *did* howevre experience a rather unnerving
squirrelly feeling on high-speed braking, and the sidewalls of these tyres
had cracked from drying out.

So, with winter coming in I decided to change all four tyres. On the advice
of Phil Payne (with a similar car) I wanted to have Goodyear NCTs, but
unfortunately couldn't find any that would fit. So, back to Pirellis!
Fastfitter offered P2000 175/70 at Dfl 150 apiece all inclusive- and 185/65
at Dfl 135 apiece! (equiv $77) So, I decided for the wider tyres. Shorter
braking distances, better in corners, look better. Cons: heavier steering
(not yet though) and more thirst for fuel (possibly).
First comments: I didn't realise that the car drove that crappy before! It
feels much more nimble and secure at high speeds, and I now notice the wind
noise (presumably masked by tyre roar beforehand?). So, for this outlay I
get a totally transformed car. I'm glad I decided to replace the part-worn

My motto for today: if you're not happy with the way your car drives, try
some new tyres first! And for general driving (I can't afford special
winter tyres) the P2000s feel great on a FWD Audi 80.

Have a nice weekend all!

1988 80 1.8S (new tyres, less tired!)

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