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V8 needs struts.....

This is a repost.... some people mentioned they didn't
see it, so here it is again :-)

Hi Everybody,

I haven't posted in awhile but I'm need of some 
advice :-)

The 'ole V8 has a bad case of the floats, so it's 
time for new struts.  The OEM struts are ludicrously
expensive (as in about $650.- )but the Boge Turbo Gas
are somewhat reasonable.   

Anybody out there put new struts on their V8 ?  
if yes, can you tell me what kind and if you they
were stiffer ? the same ? softer ?

I'd really appreciate any and all help on this one :-)

Thanks a lot everybody and hope you are all having 
Good Holidays!!


Mike LaRosa
90 V8 (float machine...) with 67k
89 100 Wagon with 110k and still cruising nicely :-)

Mike LaRosa		INCASES Engineering N.A.
Manager,			20 Trafalgar Square
EDA Technical Support	Suite 403
603-881-5392		Nashua, NH
603-881-5467 Fax		03063
E-Mail:  76761.1444@compuserve.com