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RE: Latest Radar Comparo!! (no Audi content)

  The "Automobile" mag test is no "shake-up," the V-1 got hammered in their
  last test.  That test has already been torn apart here, so I won't go
  down that road.  This year's test was similar in nature (ok, almost
  exactly the same.)  The Uniden they talk about "coming out soon" is only
  changing it's display..it is not going to be improved as they
  speculate...this is from Uniden America who I talked to.  When all is
  said and done...I liked the charts to choose what was more important to
  me.  The Whistler 1490 excelled in X-band tests and was virtually equal
  to the half-price Uniden on everything else (K Ka Laser).  Listers will
  tell you almost unanamously that the V-1 is King....and it must be
  good....we're talking real world usage from Q-heads.  A buddy of mine who
  doesn't drive often just ordered a new Whisler 1490 and he has asked me
  to use it for a couple of weeks for him.  I'll let you know how it goes.
  I've used the Escort 5000 & 4600, and the Uniden LRD6399 SWS in the last
  4 months over 20,000 miles of driving...I'm looking forward to the
  Whistler test.