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Re: TORSEN's er what

In a message dated 96-12-13 05:04:45 EST, you write:

<< Can't help that.  Nigel Walker of Audi Sport UK took around twenty of us
 the workshop.  Biela's car was built and ready to roll, and they were just
 installing the drive train on Bintcliffe's car.  The lack of a centre 
 differential was the topic of the day, and I reported on it to the list when
 got home.  We were, if you remember, speculating on how they managed.
 drive train components were passed round, including a carbon fibre prop
 The diffs were _not_ available for inspection - we could see them quite
 over on a "clean bench" about ten yards away.
Well given the fact there is a pot there, and reports of the A4q's having adj
bias on the track would indicate to me that they might be using an electrics
in fluid for viscosity changes.... I remember reading a technical article on
electronic fluid locking diffs, I'll be digging for that puppy now...  If you
use a "standard" viscous diff, then add a coupla 12v wires to control
viscosity, you have adj bias....  Considering most racing diffs (even audis
past programs) are 70/30 to 60/40 rear, I would think you could control the
viscosity fairly easily in a standard diff...  Phil, put on your audi wear,
and get those photos...  :)  The INF (i-net force) will deny of course, any
knowlege of your actions should you be caught

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'87 5ktqRS2  Pearl
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