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Re: Wheel Fantasy-correct offset

Hey Brian,
      Well you're not the only one that has run into clearance 
problems on the back fenders of the 5000. You and I have the exact 
same setup-Koni sports and H&R lowering springs. I've had my rear 
fenders professionally bowed/rolled out to accept a wider rim with a 
lower offset like 35mm. But! I still ran into clearance problems on 
the rear fenders with TSW Evo's with the 35mm offset. They worked 
fine with the fenders bowed out about 3/4" but once I had the car 
 with the H&R's, they rubbed the rear quarters horribly! Finding the 
right offset for these cars is the key. You must have an offset of at 
least 40-45mm. I currently run stock BBS rims from an '89 200TQ with 
an offset of 45mm (15X6). I've tried and tried to find a 15X7" or better yet 
a 16X7" aftermarket rim with an offset of 40-45 and always get a NO!

   Ever wonder why some Audi 5000 TQ's with the stock 5 spoke FUCH's 15X7's 
don't rub the rear quarters? Because not all 15X7's have the same 
offset. These rims still have a 45mm offset so no rubbing. It's a 
weird setup for a 7" wide rim to have such a high offset as most 
aftermarket rims have a 35mm offset.  
     I refuse to have my rear quarters rolled again. I know there are 
rims of 16X7 out there that other Q owners are running on their 
5000TQ with no problem because they've got the right offset. I'm glad 
you addressed this problem because I was going to sooner or later. So 
guys- let me (or all of us) know what your running on your 5000TQ or 
200 TQ's (not '91 20V's of course) for aftermarket rims with the correct offset
 (or at least close). Has anyone cut the rear quarters out where they run 
straight across to cure this problem all together. I was told that 
you would really have structural problems if one did this as you cut 
a double layer of sheet metal and not just one layer as it looks. 

          Most Audi's (Except 4000's , Coupe GT's, 80's 
and 90's)  have 5lug 112mm bolt patterns. Most Audi's later than and 
including '91 200 20V's also have the 35mm offset too. This is really too bad as I 
would love some A4 16" Five spokes on my car! 
          So guys-let us know whats you gots on dem cars of yours!

                   Chad Clark '87 5TQ - with bowed rear quarters