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RE: Audis in the movies

I think we have seen this string before, but I have a new one.  I think the 
movie is a John Hughes flick "Something Wonderful" or something with the word 
"wonderful" in the title.  Anyhow, a 5K wagon is featured in the movie, as is 
a 5K 4-dr in Ferris Beullers Day off.
Jon Linkov
A4q - '96

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Subject: 	Audis in the movies

I was channel surfing last night and the sight of an Audi 200 Quattro sedan 
caught my attention.   It was prominently featured in "The Living Daylights" 
starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond.  I started watching the chase scenes 
and then later he gets into another Audi: this time a 200TQ Wagon.  The 
Audis didn't have all the trick stuff as in the Aston.    So which other 
movies have Audis been spotted in?


Steve Jagernauth sjagernauth@attmail.com