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Re: OEM vs. generic floormats & carpet quality

> >Originals had the Audi rings, but I'm not sure you
> >can still get those aftermarket, due to licensing agreements.
> True... you cannot get the rings, but you can get Quattro or
> whatever else you want I suppose.

My '87 5KCS TQ came with plain black factory OEM mats and I bought a set of really nice 
Lloyd mats with rings from the dealer upon delivery.  I use both sets, I leave the	
plain ones on top to collect the grime and the Lloyd ones on the bottom still look like 
neu. If I'm going out on the town or showing off my car, the grimey ones come out and 
voile la, (that's french) I've got neu looking mats!

BTW the carpet in the ole '87 is of exceptional quality, much better than what is in our 
'93 100CS.  Anyone else notice this?  Of course the '87 5000 Turbo Q was the Audi 
flagship at the the time.  I even remember Di and Charles being chauffeured around in 
one in '87.