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Re: Muffler replacement (was RE: buy a 4000?)

eds@Paoli.ATM.LMCO.COM wrote:
> ...use that fabulous Midas lifetime muffler guarantee.  I replaced my entire 
> 4000S...with a Midas system. You never have to pay for another muffler again...
> ...Only the mufflers are guaranteed so you have to pay for hangers and any pipes...

I've gotten two free sets of muffler systems from Midas for my 1986 4kq, but 
since the front half and rear half came as complete units, they never
asked me to pay for anything, not for hangers, not for pipes, nothing.

Of course, they were more expensive initially, I think I remember $450 front
plus $400 rear = $850, but now we're up to three complete systems for
that price, it's not bad at all.