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Re:no Audi content but still interesting

That's a mighty interesting name there, Yoni -- I mean, Avi. (; Who's this

Well Bob, you caught me!!!!!!!! last week me and my boy (his name is Yoni!)
crashed our computer in a joint effort (during an attempt to install a
radio card for the purpose of listening to music while spending two hours
reading the q list). Well, we did not succeed in installing the  radio card
but managed to crash our main hard drive. In the rebuilding process
(bringing the computer back to normal) my son "Yoni" has his name on the
Email so for the time being I go by Avi and Yoni. I did bring this error to
his attention but he has not taken care of it yet (don't know why).
That is the story Bob, oh, I also lost about 450 posts during the crash, so
if somebody was wondering where the heck I was you know now.
Does somebody know where I can get a good radio card? my boy claims that
the card I got from Fry's is of a very poor quality! 
The 5 days without the list were very hard on me and I am glad to be
Love you all (just kidding don't get too excited!!!).
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq with 16 PSI of boost and 7 (yes seven) torque wrenches in the
tool box.