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RE: headlight soft start

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>>Is there any cheap and simple way to make it "soft on"?? Someone suggested
>>tube diode. I got the foggiest idea what tube diode is...

That was me.  I'm a loony.  Don't listen to me...

>The simplest thing I can think of is placing a resistor (or another lamp)
is series with the bulb with a >time delay relay to short out the resistor
after a second or two. - Robert

So my "City Low" circuit (bulbs in series) now has another function - gentle
warm up for high wattage bulbs.  I'm only running 100/80 now, unless life
seems to be a problem I won't worry about it.  But with 165/100's at about
$20 each at JCW I might think twice.

One problem with the whole concept is that when you switch on your high
beams the inner bulb/filament/whatever is still cold.  Do you really want a
two second delay on them?  I still think the original poster had some other
circumstance which popped his bulbs.
Huw Powell

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