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Re: headlight relays...

>> The simplest thing I can think of is placing a resistor (or another lamp)
>> is series with the bulb with a time delay relay to short out the
>> resistor after a second or two.  Of course, you have to add this to
>> EACH lamp you want to soft start.  Unfortunately, most time delay
>> relays are designed to only switch a fraction of an amp or so and you
>> need to switch something like 5 amps.

How about cascading the main relays from delay relays? But where do I get
these delay relays anyway? I've looked at Jameco and nothing of sort is

>How about a giant inductor? You'd need some type of shunt for when the
>relay opened up again so the field could collapse. You might also have to
>keep your credit cards away from the front of the car. I can't remember
>the inductor formulae, so I'll have to check the old textbooks at home.

Son of a gun! I might make two pretty strong magnetic field in front of my
car. And by hooking up to my radar detector, the high beam circuit can be
triggered -- thereby making magnetic field so strong that I get a cloaking
effect and thus immunity from radar guns! (: Okay, went little bit far

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