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Re: totaled 5KCSTQ update - do I need lawyer

John Karasaki had a good idea regarding getting prices from the Quattro
Quarterly for comparison.  I have let my membership lapse in the Q-Club so if
anyone can send photocopies of current quarterly adverts for 5KCSTQs (or fax) I
would be most grateful.
Update - I saw the car again and was amazed.  Every piece of sheet metal dented.
I don;t know at this point how the sospension system survived.  All I know is
that the engine compartment and the dash/front interiour is basically OK.  I
will update on what the insurance comapany says.

Lawyers - I was charged with driving to endanger.  Noone else was hurt and I
wasn't trying to endanger.  I have a call in to the D.A. to at least find out
what the punisment is - this is a charge that you can NOT pay a fine 
and skip court.  Any ideas/advice?

Thanks again everyone for your help and condolences.