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Re: Help-Looking for Audi 90 rear spoiler

In a message dated 96-12-13 00:46:57 EST, RELAYER@aol.com writes:

 1.-will the 1993-95 90 Quattro Sport's spoiler fit the 1988-1992 90?
 2.-does anyone know of a boneyard with a 90Q with spoiler intact? (and
 willing to help me out?)
 3.-any other places I should look at? >>

Your friendly Audi dealer has an accessory look-alike spoiler available to
fit your car.  It is made of plastic instead of the original aluminum and is
much more reasonably priced.  The only cosmetic difference between the
accessory and OEM is that the plastic spoiler has two small verical supports
in the center.  The original was free-standing in the center and only
attached at the ends.  Look closely at a a variety of 90's and you'll
probably find that a number of them are the "cost-effective" replacement.

Another tip; if you have the full-length power mast antenna, you might want
to consider the accessory interlock which powers down the antenna if you
should open the trunk lid while the antenna is in the up position.  Without
this, the spoiler can foul the antenna.  Of course the kit is switched by a
relay that takes power off the trunk light circuit.  Mr. Goldberg was the
design engineer if I'm not mistaken.